Plakett Services Cliniques is dedicated to projects of construction, management, optimization and the development of medical clinics.

We work closely with the clinics, real estate promoters as well as all the product and service providers that are dedicated to the first line health services.

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Our story

Plakett Services Cliniques was founded by Isabelle Girard, a nurse by trade and experienced manager, following an ever-growing demand from the medical clinic network, that wished to obtain support in business development and organization of the care provided.

The addition of new information technologies, the computerization of care and the difficulties linked to the hiring process of health specialists are only a few examples of the challenges that clinics are facing today

Our vast selection of services never ceases to develop itself as we contribute to the rise of clinics and the network as a whole, by creating a synergy between the different services and partners. Plakett is therefore a « one stop shop » for medical clinics and all partners associated.

Our mission
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Offer innovative solutions that aim to improve the provision of health of first line health services, specifically within clinics and medical complexes.

Our expertise allows to grow the profitability of resources, to increase accessibility to health services and their quality, as well as the performance of multidisciplinary teams. This mission responds fully to the real needs of the health system of Quebec, but also to the needs of all populations, on a global scale.

To be the Canadian leader in the organizational development of the first-line medical service offer and clinics that offer local services.

We fund our practice on a philosophy of health, where the patient is at the heart of the concerns and where he is taken in charge by a multidisciplinary team.

Our values

Innovation Excellence Humanism Commitment Teamwork Integrity