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Development of a clinic project

The creation of a medical clinic's project requires an impressive amount of work, a multitude of meetings, a deep understanding and knowledge of this precise field and the collaboration of various specialized professionals.


Indeed, the establishment, the different agreements' negotiations, the care organization and the attribution of the tasks linked to management and to creation of a new medical clinic, with or without real estate, need a very high level of expertise and a detailed understanding of the first line healthcare and of the management of medical staff (hiring physicians).

Plakett Services Cliniques, thanks to its knowledge and expertise-rich team, will accompany you through all the steps in order to assure the success and an optimal development for your project. We will help you to :

· determine the best legal structure for your project;

· write and/or revise your business plan;

· prepare budget forecasts (fiscal projections);

· identify your collaborators for the construction component (land, premises, architects, contractors/developers, etc.);

· identify and approach potential tenants (pharmacy, radiology, audiology, nutrition, laboratories, etc.);

· develop your landscaping plan (design);

·identify the right suppliers (experts) according to your needs;

· negotiate your agreements and contracts with suppliers;

· write your management documents (HR, finances, equipment, care protocols, note templates, etc.);

· plan the organization of work within your clinic;

· hire your staff;

· and much more!

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