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Hiring and Human Resources Management

Hiring and managing your staff often demands close to 30% of the time dedicated to the clinic's management, not to mention that finding qualified and skilled staff is a challenge on its own.


That's why Plakett Services Cliniques has developed 3 services to support you in your management of human resources (HR) :

- Strategic coaching for the hiring of one or more employees;

- Training in human resources management at Académie Plakett;

- The evaluation and optimization of your human resources management.

Hiring and placement of staff

Plakett Services Cliniques offers you a service of assistance in hiring and placement of staff. You can be looking for managers, a receptionist-secretary, an auxiliary nurse and/or any other professional for your clinic or company, and we are able to help you.

We keep a rich CV bank to answer your needs and we can take care for you of the whole candidate selection process according to the criteria that you and your advisors will have established in advance.

Are you a health professional with experience in a medical clinic? Send us your CV at cv@plakett.ca.

Specialized training in medical clinic management

Académie Plakett offers different trainings in human resources management. Consult our training calendar without delay!

Evaluation and optimization of human resources management

Staff management and supervision need a deep knowledge of labour standards. Our team of advisors, itself supported by an expert team in human resources management, is able to precisely identify your problems and challenges, your processes and all the documentation used by your enterprise of support in HR management.

If you are facing staff turnover issues or you are in a crisis situation (interpersonal conflicts, insubordination, inadequate performance levels, etc.), this service is what you need.

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