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Interdisciplinary is today at the heart of restructuring of our health system and of its first line services.


Whether we talk about adapted access, integration of new professionals in GMF, reorientation of patients or the growing demand of patients to have access to services provided by other health professionals (nutritionists, psychologists, physiotherapists, etc.). Interdisciplinarity becomes the central point in the organization of care and services.

Clinic managers are confronted with issues regarding the understanding of the roles and best ways to act, when it is time to talk about interdisciplinary work. Our counselors will be happy to meet you to discuss your management issues linked to the integration of new professionals, co-management of GMF/GMF-R's staff, cohabitation of private and public services (ex: GMF nutritionist vs private nutritionists who rent premises) or any other aspect linked to interdisciplinarity or multidisciplinarity.

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