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Market and feasibility study

The market and feasibility study allows you to validate the localization of the project, to determine who are your competitors, to diminish the risks in order to confirm the profitability of your project.


Before considering launching a medical clinic or complex at a designated location, it is highly important to proceed through a market and feasibility study that will or will not confirm the potential of the location in short, medium and long terms. The health system is growing, new projects are in development and those projects are not always known by the public or the organizations.

At the beginning of the project, it is essential to determine what the offer is near the location, the quantity of services available in the area surrounding the location, the potential of medical staff hiring, current and future. There are many others parameters as the number and type of nearby pharmacies, the count of medical clinics, etc.

It is also important to compare this data with the demographics information and to analyse them to determine the potential growth and the potential project development.

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