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Optimization of Appointment Management

A medical clinic's performance necessarily passes through an optimized management of appointments and work at the secretariat.


The quality of your customer service and the efficiency of your appointment management processes are key-elements in a clinic's management. They have a huge influence on your profitability, your capacity to recruit new physicians and your ability to retain your staff. So, you should be paying attention in particular, to the good functioning of the secretariat and to the good management of appointments.

But what is appointment management? Appointment management has several elements including:

- appointment scheduling via different operating modes and technologies (telephone, internet, applications, etc.);

- confirmation and/or reminder of appointments;

- management of the « no show »;

- patient reception;

- integration of pre-visit questionnaires;

- management of the waiting room;

- implementation and optimization of adapted access;

- patient reorientation (P4-P5);

- management of the walk-in service (WIS);

- etc.

Our counselor services of secretariat analysis and appointment management will help you to determine what your needs are, to identify the most appropriate suppliers to meet your needs, to negotiate your agreements with suppliers, define your action plan and the steps to complete your project to optimize appointment management.

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