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Optimization of medical billing

The review and analysis of each physician's billing profile should be done on a regular basis.


Physicians or clinics entrust their medical billing to someone or to an enterprise without taking the time to verify, on a regular basis, the quality of the service and the ability of the supplier to always provide an optimal service.

Did you know that the Régie de l’assurance-maladie du Québec (RAMQ) makes, annually, more than 60 modifications (newsletters) in the billing laws and this number may be a lot higher in a negotiation time between medical federations as FMOQ, FMSQ and RAMQ. So, it is essential for any physicians to be sure that their billing company (or the service provided by his clinic) is aware of those changes and that it develops tools that facilitate the achievement of the highest quality standards for the billing of its fees.

It is way too common, that we witness a physician losing considerable sums of money because of the lack of optimization and monitoring by their billing enterprise or because billing is done by someone who hasn't been trained in a while. That's why Plakett Services Cliniques offers you an evaluation and optimization service of medical billing. This service is available for a group of physicians or for a physician on his own. This service includes, among others, your billing profile evaluation, the analysis of your billing profile of the last 3 months and all the recommendations adapted to you.

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