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Project Management for the Development of a Clinic

Whatever the type of project, Plakett Services Cliniques is able to assist you in all the steps needed to realize your medical clinic's project, with or without real estate.


Our expert team combines many years of experience and will know how to answer to all your needs in order to ensure the success of your future enterprise. Here are some of the themes that will be talked about and developed with you for the well-being of your project.

• Legal Aspects

• Real Estate

• Construction and Interior Design

• Financing, Accounting Management and Medical Billing

• Human Resources Management and Hiring of Staff

• Management of Medical Practice and Organization of Care

• Doctor Recruitment

• Branding and Marketing

• Information and Communication Technologies

• Appointment Management

• Government Departmental Programs and Grants

• Political Aspects (MSSS, CI(U)SSS, DRMG, etc)

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