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Recruitment strategy (physicians)

Physicians' recruitment is one of the biggest challenge for every medical clinic and success surely passes through a good recruitment strategy.


Did you know that recruiting a physician needs, in average, 12 to 18 months of hard and sustained work? Recruiting a physician is always complex and needs several strategies in order to assure the success and our team is continuously trying to update their knowledge on new recruitment opportunities, but also on improving the tools and methods used in recruitment.

As a matter of fact, managing medical workforce has become a real headache for medical clinics and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, it is important to learn how to stand out and be very active in your network.

Our recruitment consulting services include:

- Training on the recruitment of doctors;

- Medical Recruitment Manual;

- Strategic support;

- Access to discounts for activities or suppliers specializing in the recruitment of physicians;

- Validation of the skills and expertise of recruiters and the parameters of the agreement with these consultants;

- Placement of physicians who wish to move or diversify their practice.

We still believe that you are the best ambassador of your clinic and that a good recruitment strategy should allow you to do your own recruitment.

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